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Just What the Data Ordered

For Splunk, swift growth led to new policy and procedural requirements—and new legal considerations San Francisco-based software provider Splunk’s data collection and analysis product, Splunk Enterprise, was an almost instant hit upon its debut in 2006. The software, which collects and analyzes machine data generated by websites, applications, networks, and RFID assets, can identify traits like user… Continue Reading

Good Chemistry

Thanks to a merger, a poultry and produce wash is helping the oil industry extract resources more effectively In 2008, Vic Keasler was performing molecular biology tests at a pharma, biotech, and academic research company.  Keasler had studied hepatitis B and C’s effect on liver cancer in graduate school; his career had primarily focused on… Continue Reading

Credit Strategies: What’s The Risk?

All ways of raising capital entail risk. But for life sciences companies, employing credit strategies may be less risky than the alternatives. Turning to venture capital typically requires giving up a slice of the company and a big portion of projected revenues. Raising capital through issuing shares often prompts shareholders to sell. By contrast, credit-based… Continue Reading

Up, Up, and Away

Fast, flat, and lean, SpaceX is helping America’s space industry regain its competitive edge. Ten years ago, SpaceX was barely a blip on the aerospace industry’s radar screen. Since then it has skyrocketed to prominence, notably as the first private company to have berthed a spacecraft at the International Space Station. Top executives say they’re just… Continue Reading

Show Them the Money

SecondMarket provides new liquidity options for startup investors and employees The listless IPO and M&A markets have not been friends to young companies this past decade.  “The median time from a company’s initial funding to either an IPO or an M&A exit has nearly doubled since 2000, with IPO exits now taking around nine years,”… Continue Reading

Could seaweed be the ideal biofuel source?

For decades, biofuel companies have turned to food crops, especially corn, to make the bioethanol that is added to gasoline to power trucks and cars. But the resulting price pressures on food, coupled with the large tracts of land needed to produce the fuel in a meaningful way, has led to a hunt for next-generation… Continue Reading