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Secrets in the Spotlight

Companies May Get a New Weapon in the Fight Against Economic Espionage Efforts to protect property from global threats gained momentum in Washington this summer with the introduction of a pair of bills that would create a federal civil cause of action for trade secret theft. Currently, intellectual property owners that want to file suit… Continue Reading

What’s in Your Product?

New law may force companies to reveal trade secrets As new regulations on the use of toxic chemicals are implemented in California, companies may need to re-evaluate their strategies to protect their intellectual property. The largest market in the U.S., California has taken the first step to implement its Green Chemistry Initiative, a bold new… Continue Reading

To Catch a Thief

Trade secrets: now more enforceable— and more important When Bloomberg released its list of the 10 biggest intellectual property verdicts of 2011, the most noteworthy thing about it may have been that the jury award total was twice that of 2010.  The second-most noteworthy: the two largest verdicts weren’t for patent infringement but trade secret… Continue Reading