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Post Wisely

Two FDA Guidelines Help Life Sciences Companies Solve Social Media Conundrums Social media presents new challenges for life sciences companies. Companies that post about their products on space-constrained social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook don’t have the luxury of a full page or a long voiceover listing risks or side effects. And it’s… Continue Reading

Takeover Makeover

A New Breed of Activist is Attracted to Tech and Life Sciences Companies First there were the pirates of the 1980s and their swashbuckling raids of RJR Nabisco and other corporate booty. In the 1990s, blue chip companies legitimized the use of hostile M&A as a credible corporate strategy. Then came the mid-2000s wave of… Continue Reading

Outward Bound

As Chinese companies have matured, they’re eagerly looking to the U.S. as a source for technology innovation, talent and market penetration, says Jackie Liu, a partner in Morrison & Foerster’s San Francisco office.  Until recently, Chinese companies have had a low success rate in acquiring companies abroad.  But that has started to change as Chinese… Continue Reading

For the Common Good

For-profits and nonprofits in life sciences team up Nonprofit groups are actively supporting research to solve tough medical challenges. Life sciences and pharma companies are eager to accelerate product development. Now, new business models are emerging to leverage the strengths of each. One example: the licensing partnership between Medicines360, a San Francisco-based nonprofit pharma company… Continue Reading

Biotech: Let’s Make a Deal

Scientific acumen is crucial—but so is an understanding of today’s deal market. The risks and costs of life sciences product development have become so high that few companies are willing to bear them on their own. As partnerships become vital, skill in dealmaking has become almost as vital as scientific acumen for today’s pharma and… Continue Reading

Credit Strategies: What’s The Risk?

All ways of raising capital entail risk. But for life sciences companies, employing credit strategies may be less risky than the alternatives. Turning to venture capital typically requires giving up a slice of the company and a big portion of projected revenues. Raising capital through issuing shares often prompts shareholders to sell. By contrast, credit-based… Continue Reading