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Turning The Tide on “Trolls”

When a non-practicing entity (NPE) accused 16,000 small businesses of violating its patent by merely emailing scanned documents, the New York attorney general cracked down, forcing a settlement. Then the FTC threatened to sue for deceptive trade practices—prompting the NPE to file a preemptive suit against the FTC. As NPEs (sometimes known as patent trolls)… Continue Reading

Patent Pending: Shifts in patent law, and their impact extend beyond the America Invents Act

Once upon a time, patents were supposed to reward—and protect—innovation. That was before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (or PTO) got snowed under with applications, slowing the patent process to a crawl.  Before the PTO started issuing streams of patents that many viewed as vague and overly broad.  And before so-called nonpracticing entities, or… Continue Reading

FAQs: The America Invents Act

Could the America Invents Act help reduce the backlog of patents pending before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office? The PTO has long suffered from budgetary shortfalls, resulting in a backlog of some 670,000 applications.  The AIA gives the PTO the right to boost its fees and keep at least some of its own funding. … Continue Reading