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Attracting an Impact Investor

Interest is growing in impact investing–investing that supports environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, while also earning a return.  “Interest has spread to top-tier investors who understand the alignments between positive ESG results and financial returns,” says Susan Mac Cormac, a partner at Morrison & Foerster.  Key factors for entrepreneurs to consider: Impact investors will… Continue Reading

Accounting for Sustainability

A number of U.S. states have created new corporate forms that let companies focus on sustainability and other social goals, as well as shareholder value. [See “Risk & Responsibility,” MoFo Tech, Spring/Summer 2012]. Now, we are seeing the “logical next step” in corporate sustainability, says Morrison & Foerster partner Susan Mac Cormac, with the formation in… Continue Reading

Ahead of the LEED

Site-based sustainable design can speed official approval The effort to create sustainable buildings has long centered on technical certifications, such as LEED. But now, some companies are taking more of a big-picture view. “They’re looking at the entire corporate campus as a system to reduce the overall environmental impact, instead of trying to use detailed technical… Continue Reading

Risk & Responsibility

New corporate form lets companies pursue sustainability with less chance of backlash In January, the California legislature created a new kind of company: the Flexible Purpose Corporation.  This is the latest effort to create a corporation targeting social purposes alongside shareholder value.  The traditional corporate form does not prevent companies from pursuing social goals; the… Continue Reading